How to: Subtract TriMesh from TriMesh

I have to make a code where u have two bodies and subtract one from another, like subtract/ add/ intersect command's in Autocad. Ur help are appreciated here. 

There are no boolean operations implemented for meshes in jME, yet. You'll need to implement it yourself :|, it seems.

There has been some luck with such a feature… only threads that deal with it as far as I remember:

jME forum - Hide parts of a model (Actually some code and pics)

jME forum - can you make shapes be… air? (Just some discussion)

Here are some ways:

  1. Use a three dimensional boolean buffer for one shape, subtract/add the other shape… Then use marching cubes/tetrahedrons on that.

  2. Divide the intersecting triangles of one object with the triangles of another object… Then figure out which triangles are inside… Keep some triangles.

  3. Use this: