How to support non-latin character input?

Hi, everyone.  I've tried to type in some non-latin characters like chinese or japanese (such as 你好) in textbox of JMEDesktop.  But the character doesn't display properly.  If I copy these characters from else where and paste them in the textbox,  they are displayed properly.  Do you have any clue to solve this problem?  Thanks for everything!

I found the cause of the problem.  The problem locates in the lwjgl Keyboard.getEventCharacter().  It uses ByteBuffer.getInt() to get the character from ByteBuffer.  If the inputed character is a Chinese character the Keyboard.getEventCharacter() only returns half of the bytes that compose the character.

I have to modify the update() in LWJGLKeyInput to solve the problem, and my solvtion is not so good yet because it only supports english and chinese character input,  other charsets such as japanese, korea are not supported.