How to use binary to cache right?

Well basically on most of my models I have to use the tangendcalculator. no problem so far, except that this process is very slow!

Now my idea is that when the model is loaded the frist time and the tangents are generated I save it in jmebinary. → that works so far (and will give the next time the application runs a significantly faster loading time)



static BinaryImporter imp = new BinaryImporter();


private static Node LoadFromCache(String name, File cachefile) throws MalformedURLException, IOException {

Node model = (Node) imp.load(cachefile);

return model;



using the Importer every time I load the model disables the assetmanagers caching. Now the question is, how can i use the caching together with the binaryimporter?

As a side note, when I load a larger model a few thousand times every 50 milliseconds my computer freezes!

This does not happenw hen I use the normal assetmanager loading. Any ideas why this might be?

(Windows 7,Radeon 3750, 3gb ram)

You dont need the BinaryImporter. Just load the j3o via the assetManager. Also, just use j3o models in your game in the first place. Why let the user wait for ogrexml conversion and tangent generation?

It’s just for the dev version where models do change, in the final only the cached files will be included.

If i try to load *.j30 with assetmanager it says that no loader is registerd.

Strange, how do you create it? Anyway if its not there then register it…

Btw, its j3-oh not j3-zero

Great thanks that was it ^^

Also the crashing error is now resolved (whyever)