How to use RabbitMQ in JmonkeyEngine

Hi, I need use RabbitMQ (topics with routing keys) for communicating my Jmonkey based aplication with other applications built with different technologies.

What is the easiest way to add rabbitmq client support to a JmonkeyEngine application?

Thanks in advance


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Thanks, I Know the RabbitMQ API. The question is if I extend Spidermonkey classes or use a thread to put in the subscriber making a adhoc solution.

I think that the second solution is easier but I can’t measure the difficulty of integrating RabbitMQ in Spidermonkey.

I’m sorry for my poor English. And greetings for made an awesome game engine.



I don’t see why you would have to “integrate” the two at all…?

I don’t know why you would try to extend SpiderMonkey. It’s purpose is completely different than RabbitMQ.

If you need that kind of topic support then just use RabbitMQ directly.

Thank you very much. Your advice saved me lots of time.