HTML color generator

Just a little html color generator i wrote to work with my chat client to set user name colors, i wanted something that was random for each user, but would produce the same color for a returning user. thought maybe someone else might like it :slight_smile:


public class HTMLColorGenerator {

private int color;

public String getColorFromName(String name){

color = (int) name.getBytes()[0];

for(int i = 1; i < name.length(); i++){

color += name.getBytes() * 31337;


color = Math.abs((color * color) / 7);

return "#" + Integer.toString(color).substring(0, 6);




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sorry i dont looked into code before, jsut looked at “HTMLColorGenerator”

for a normal color cast

other way back

[java]public ColorRGBA processColor(String attrValue) {

Color bColor = Color.decode(“0x”+attrValue);

ColorRGBA trueColor = new ColorRGBA(bColor.getRed(), bColor.getGreen(), bColor.getBlue(), 1.0f);

return trueColor;



[java]Color color;