HTTPS available on forum (beta)

Please test to see if it works:
(copy it into your browser bar)

There shouldn’t be any browser warnings or broken links / images. However I noticed I get a mixed content warning on the screenshots thread because many imgur links have “http://” prefix, probably not going to fix it.


What’s funny is that simply clicking on that link took me to the http site again. I had to manually add the https at the beginning to go to the secure version.

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Also HTTPS is working on the Wiki as well:

Not getting any warnings so far.

You could setup a simple image proxy script – or even configure it in nginx.

Or open it on another tab -O-

I did that. He’s changed it so you have to cut and paste now… but originally it was just a link, and opening it in a new tab or a new window didn’t change the https’ness.

Could be some browser funkiness. It tries to keep using the same protocol you’re currently using even if the link specifies a different one.

Works fine from here, good work!

Seems to work, nice :slight_smile:

Icons seem to be broken on the HTTP version:

I’m posting this here since the issue occurred at roughly the same time that this thread came up so it may be related.

Try a hard refresh ctrl+r or ctrl+f5

Works on mobile chrome.

Works for me now.

That has no effect.

it works fine, but when i tried to open it on private mode, and login with google account I got this, I think only http is registered for oauth

Looks like this is a question for @erlend_sh

Try to login again with Google account (on HTTPS).
It should work now.

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Yes, it works now

Additional domains are now available under HTTPS:

Are there any plans to redirect HTTP users to the HTTPS URLs?