Https:// 502 Bad Gateway?

Anyone else having issues with throwing 502 bad gateway for all packages?

we have repo proxy server, so not, but i also check no-proxy project and reload or clean & build work well here.

Hmmm. I do not have any proxy. Good to know, thanks. Must be an internet issue between me and them.

might be worth check firewall, rooter, or IDS(if you have)

Perhaps. I am working from home right now, and it broke about an hour ago for me, I do not have any special setup, and no IDS.

Using they also get a 502.


for me directly work well too.

It just loaded for me!

Looks like a DNS update:
It swapped what server is preferred.

it is also possible that your internet provider DNS server lost data, and needed to reload/regain it.

Perhaps, I would not put it past them. I worked for them several years ago… I’ll leave it at that.


o_O …we must be neighbors.

Edit: or at least the test service is, I mean.

only test service ;p

For me it’s a 504 - Gateway timed out

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