HUD for Flag_Rush

I am working with the Flag Rush lesson 9 for now (as a learning experience  grin ) and have decided to try to add some HUD features. Nothing fancy, just some boxes with speed or something maybe. I have read the Simple FengGUI/jME Application tutorial and tried to apply that code to the file. However, it does not even show up. Help would be greatly appreciated!  cool

Thank you!

If you are planning to contribute it to Flagrush, I would recommend you use a built-in feature of jME.  For example, the JMEDesktop stuff would probably be more desired from that perspective since you don't have to address how to get the FengGUI jars loaded and such.

Hmm… is jMEDesktop a program or a built-in feature of jME?

I have no experience whatsoever with jMED  :?

It's Swing integration in jME.  Yes, it's built-in.  Take a look in the example code to find some uses.

Thank you! I hope I have something worth showing soon.  :smiley: