HUDGUI always on TOP

I am using a base of the Flag Rush Lesson 9, and FengGUI also. How can I use my initGUI() function and get it to show on top?

(PS: I do not know how to multi-node or whatever its called  :frowning: )

You should render any HUD in the Ortho rendering queue.

Thank you! Does that go in Main[] or InitSystem() or what?  :expressionless:

edit: Do you think you could provide a small snippet of how it should look? Sorry if I'm asking too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you take a look at the HUD tutorial on the wiki? (maybe the code is a little outdated, but it should get you started)

I believe he's using fenggui. Then you'll have to put disp.display() at the end of the render(). If you cannot do that for some reason, you might need to put it in ortho queue by using a fenggui-spatial connection ;).