Humanoid control

Download the necessary jar and test projects from here.

A tutorial on the set up of the control.

The Jpony humanoid control is , just as suggested , a humanoid control for simulating human movement and physics. This was originally part of the Jpony editor but I’ve been cutting out the modules and releasing them as stand alone classes for people who are interested in using them without learning the complicated mess that is the full Jpony library.

This control builds off Normen’s PhysicsCharacter with some added improvements.

1.) You can now jump on uneven surfaces. The BetterCharacterControl would falsely tag you as being ground if you weren’t touching a level surface. Being on a plane of just a 1 degree slope would give a false positive.

2.) Pseudo slope height. There wasn’t a ability to limit how steep of a surface you can climb in the BetterCharacterControl. This uses a pseudo setting called maxDistance. That performs a simple test of how close you are to the ground then limits movement if you go above this settings. It’s not an exact science but I’ll improve on it in the future.

3.) You have built in listeners for common events such as jump , land , idle and active. I’ll be adding a fall listener in the future.

This is currently in Alpha testing but so far works great. Any comments or contributions are appreciated.

This is the same control I used for this test.