I can’t understand coordinate system and positioning in jMonkey

Hello, i came from Alternativa (3d engine for Flash). They use simple coordinate system for everything.

but in jmonkey…

teaGeom.move(0, -5 * tpf, 0); - for what tpf (frames per second?)

why if i use just teaGeom.move(0, 0, 1) my tea jumps over scene?

what is Vector3f and why i can’t use simple coordinates in XYZ? jMonkey docs is very poor

Simple problem:

i want to move my camera with my object (for third person view): i move teaGeom with one coordinates and i move camera with vector3f…

Please go through the tutorials in the documentatin section, things should clear up then. If you do (0,0,1) the Spatial would never move away from that position. Be aware of the fact that a vector can define a position rather than just a movement in a direction.

0,0,1 - it was example, try use it once on some object: object will not move for 1 pixel

and of course, i made function that ++ some value of this vector, and like i said: it moves MUCH more far that i specified.

so, to be sure: in jMonkey we can’t move camera? we can only specify position of camera? and move only for objects?

flycam moves freely in a default simple application(wasd keys). if you want to move a spatial, or set an object spacial at a 0 base starting point it would be like: mySpatial.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(0f, 0, 0f)); assuming the object is based on a pivot point of 0,0,0.

the cord system is like this (0f, 0, 0f) = (x0. y0, z0).

But as normen has pointed out, the wiki is extremely valuable, and the tutorials are all top notch!

Romanov, you dont seem to understand the concept of “moving” objects in a game. Its only moved by a fraction each frame, there is no “continuous” movement. Theres actually a move metod in spatial that just adds the given vector to the location vector. If you use physics and the physicscharacter then you have a direction vector for moving the character. Again, please go through the tutorials to avoid unnecessary threads like this one.