I can't import the cubes framework

Since the latest update of the Cubes platform (and JME3) I can not get the Cubes plugin to work.I have had this problem for about a month now and have not yet heard about anybody else with the same problem.I can import and use any other plugins but when I try to import the Cubes plugin netbeans simply does nothing.I have reinstalled the plugin multiple times and I once imported the previous version of the Cubes framework which then worked.I feel like I am missing something simple :frowning: please help.

I use Windows 8.1 64bit

Nudging @destroflyer.

What exactly do you mean by saying “when I try to import the Cubes plugin netbeans simply does nothing.”?
You basically need to install the plugin via Tools → Plugins and activate it (if it isn’t already). Then add it by pressing [Project] → Libraries → Add Library → Cubes. The cubes jar files then should appear in the tree structure.

On a side note:
I don’t know the current state of the jme plugin build server - There is a lot of work done these days, but I don’t know when it will be ready to provide the newest Cubes version via the SDK. You can still download the latest stable version *.jar from the googlecode-repository, but I highly advise against that, if you can do it with SDK plugins - Plugins are so nice to update and work with, but of course, the sdk and build stuff has to be set up first.

The builds of the plugins are happening on my server now, it works and the latest version of the repo is built.

Very nice! :slight_smile:
I guess, I can finally offer support and bugfixes for the library again. Congratz to everyone involved!