I finished my first translation xd


I think it’s better to add a new file instead of change the original one.:sweat_smile:





Yes, I’m still doing this. Maybe you will have interest in this:


Years ago there is someone who has already translate 13 tutorials for beginners, and 14 tutorials for advanced users. But all his work has only screenshots, and some parts are really old. I’m now translating the part that he didn’t translated, such as:

But what I think more useful is sharing my practice exprences and introduce new topics to Chinese developer. So I spend a lot of time writing tutorials of my self.

In my plan, I will first translate all the wiki that no one has translated before and add them to ths community, than translate my own tutorials. Maybe translate some interesting topics for http://bbs.jmecn.net.

If you ask the tutorials for beginers…I have only image files like this. I think we need a lot of time checking them and type them to Chinese words again.

I tried to contact with the author, no response at all. so I continued his work.
We have a Chinese jme3&blender develop team, we will be very glad that you join us. :slight_smile:


I have translated this page.

But IMO it’s only a index, the articles it links to are much more important.



Please can you go chat in Chinese via PM? It’s kinda annoying that my chrome beeps every time and I come and there is only something in Chinese which I sadly can’t understand.
Thanks :wink:


什么他妈的为什么每个人都只是开始什么似乎中国人说话。 (谷歌翻译).

It should say:
what the fuck why did everyone just start talking in what seems Chinese. (Google translate)

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This thread should be deleted. It’s just a bunch of chinese messages and another bunch of messages of users trying to understand what those freaky gliphs mean.

It’s a thread about people trying to add documentation in their native language. I think it’s ok if they slip into native language once in a while. I think people might be being a bit sensitive. One message requesting English was enough.

I think it’s great that JME reaches a wider audience and threads are easy enough to ignore. I read everything… so I should know. :slight_smile:


I’ll keep speaking English.:slight_smile: And I decide to translate this topic as some of you feel uncomfortable.

We will talk about translation problem in another thread with Chinese, sorry for frighten someone.:smiling_imp: