I need help with my camera rotation

I been trying to find out how to lock my camera rotation when my player looks straight down or straight up. kind of like in call of duty where you can look straight up but cant keep going because then your camera would be upside down behind your player so how do i stop this from happening?

i saw something on the MouseLookHandler class but i dont think jme3 has it…

If you use ChaseCamera, setMaxVerticalRotation(float max) / setMinVerticalRotation(float min) may help.
If you use FlyByCamara, maybe you should override rotateCamera(float value, Vector3f axis) method.

Thats what i mean im trying to override but i don’t know how i could handle that because i simply do not understand Quaternions and don’t tell me to go to the wiki because ive read that a million times and still don’t understand it. i have tryed googling tut’s for quaternions but i cant understand them either.

You could try searching the forum… since this problem has come up before and several have posted solutions.

i tryed that i couldnt find anything what i needed. The only thing i found was the mouselookhandler but i think you guys took that class out or something. is there a similar class to the mouselookhandler?

Try this

and search more about these

thank you kind sir :smile: