I need some hints about Inverse Kinematics

Where can I get the literature and tutorials
On the “Inverse Kinematics”

The goal is to Make the character’s leg animations fit the terrain better

The implementation seen on Uinty
Is there a similar feature in Jme3?


what you need is this line exactly from Minie lib that was directly related to IK feature as i remember:

Also in this Library there was Inverse Kinematic related to this Bone rotation limits. (but you need search for it, since i dont remember what method it was - you can search examples there, should be IK somewhere)

In reality what you do is to setup bones max rotations, and setup what bones are in IK mode, so you “pull leg feet into ground height, so IK will make legs proper position”

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Here’s an idea from yaRnMcDonuts

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This old talk is a bit light on technical specifics… but the concepts are approachable, and some solutions are identified for commonly encountered obstacles.

Animation Bootcamp: An Indie Approach to Procedural Animation