I need some models made

Does anyone with some free time and a decent modeler want to make me some models for a project I am working on? They would have to be done quick like in the next couple days or so. If so respond to this and I can let you know what I need. Thank you.


You might want to offer something in return or you might not get anyone to bite.

I have nothing to offer.I was hoping for the niceness of people. I have no money to give and no time to do anything for anyone because of my courses. I was just hoping for a long shot i guess.

Do you know how to bake cookies?


Have you looked in Google’s Model Warehouse, in the built-in asset packs? As @sploreg mentioned, there’s also turbosquid.com as well as a number of sites for obtaining 3D models (both free and paid; ‘proprietary’ and open licenses)

I didnt know about googles model warehouse. Ill check it out. I looked on turbosquid and everythingI could have used costs money so I didnt go with that.

A better question would have been:

Anyone knows of any resources on the interwebs where modelers offer their work for free or a list of sites with free assets, etc. And, as a footnote, add something like: If anyone is willing to do those models I’d be forever grateful…

Note that the vast majority of users that post here are programmers and many, as is my case, are not worth much as far as 3D go. Yes, there are exceptions but if you want high quality models you better find a modelers-centric site and ask there.

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