I need your creative minds

Script Blocks … A smart block building game.


The code is at


you can get the latest build in the download tab.





I created this game with the hope that others will play it and think of new blocks to create and add.

I used the awesome JMonkey Engine 3 because it was the best Java 3D scene graph available, but more import then the code are the great people who answer all of my questions on the forums. Thanks for all the help!

The Script part of Script Blocks is java script. I used it to create most of the Blocks and I use it for my game import and export. So if your brave enough and want to make your own Block look in the Scripts/blocks folder.

My Art Style is …um… 8bit. Really its just a place holder while I figure out how I want the game to behave.

I use

OS: Ubuntu 64bit



Here is one more video of me using the logic blocks OR and NOR to make a rail road crossing.


Please give me feedback after trying out the game. If you think of a block that would be cool let me know.



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This looks quite funny actually :wink:

Do you plan on implementing multiplayer and a way to save/load stuff that and a weapon block would probably play kinda like RoboShips XD

@EmpirePhonenix Multiplayer in the future.

You can Import and Export which does save/load

There is also a cut © and paste § so you can copy what you did and duplicated it.


Never know what crazy stuff might come up in these videos :smiley:

I suppose you’re planning to kind of let the core gameplay of your game reveal itself at some point, as you continue to develop your mehchanics further?

You should consider getting a twitter account, so that we have someone to mention when we’re tweeting about your game :wink: It’s a pretty great marketing tool, if you can be arsed to keep up with it (only takes a couple minutes a day for minimal use).

how come you chose gpl license for your project instead of a free license like mit or bsd ?

GPL is a free license man, it’s just a little more restrictive. WordPress is free, don’t you think?

gpl is “free” but it can only be used by gpl projects. And codeblocks seems more like a library than a game, so why use gpl.

Hehe, this is a full fledged application, I think GPL fits it just fine so people actually contribute and not just use parts of the code and then maybe even come back to complain :stuck_out_tongue:

I just picked gpl randomly.

If you guys enter the Build A House Challenge I will think about switching to something else :slight_smile:

I also need to make sure all my content is non gpl. I had some place holder images that I’m not sure about.


great, hope it becomes mit license like jme.