I want to get JMonkey2 resource,but

I want to get JMonkey2 resource, so  I have setuped subversive, but I can not connect successful.

because account, password?

So, who can tell me how to fill the form?





when I did the connection it didn't want a username or pasword.

are you sure you use svn server ?

have a look at this


If you use eclipse:

Are you use you're using the SVN plugin? (http://subclipse.tigris.org/install.html) or the right SVN location? It shouldn't require a user name or password:

Window->ShowView->Other->SVN->SVN Repository

In the SVN Repository window (for me, its below my console window) right click->New->RepositoryLocation…

Then paste in this url:


That's the url for anonymous check out if you go to the google project page of JME2.0

ok. I success now. thanks.