IKControl – v0.2


I’ve a small fascination for IK(Inverse Kinematics). I made some experiments for jme2, and when i saw the RagdollControl i figured that it wouldn’t take much to make an IKControl class out of it (and i’m appalingly bad at using controls, so i needed some practise).

Here are the first results. It’s currently pretty limited, only takes one target, and doesn’t take any constraints into consideration. It’s also pretty computation-heavy.

Currently, it takes a “target bone”, that tries to reach the target point, and recursively modifies the bones up to (and excluding) the root bone, with some dampening applied the higher up the hierachy you come.

Edit: v0.2 video replaces old video


I plan to use jointLimits as constraints, after which movement will (hopefully) look more natural.

Feel free to post ideas, here.

Development doesn’t always go as planned, as shown below:

IKControl, take 1:

IKControl, take 2:

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LOL, wut? :smiley:

Keep the functionality to stretch the body… Could be a cool effect…

:open_mouth: Mr. Fantastic xD


Haven’t had time to work on this lately, but i’ve made a video of the latest stuff i made last sunday.

The video shows a little better what it’s actually doing (not just generally flailing arms :slight_smile: ), and it ends with a lesson to all who think mixing Controls is a good idea.

Apart from generally handling the IK better, it also supports multiple targets.

Left to do is a bit of bug fixing (limbs seem to have difficulties “winding down” after a few twists.

As you can see, the floor is tilted. This is due to me trying to get the feet to adjust themselves to uneven ground.

Video in first post!

wow…Sinbad is one hell of a slam dancer…he doesn’t even touch the ground !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome work Rickard

Is this still alive @rickard?

Alive, maybe. Active, no.

I kind of stopped because i didn’t know in which direction to take it, so input is appreciated.

I currently have little time to work on projects, but i prioritize to finalize (or at least make releasable stuff), so if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.