Images not displaying on Android

My issue is that some images work fine on a PC build but do not display on Android. The images that ship with jmonkeyengine (eg those in the Effects\Explosion folder) all work on both PC and Android, but I am yet to be able to create one of my own which works on Android. This is true for both applying the texture to a model, and using the texture in a particle system.

Searching on this issue has informed me that it is best to use PNGs with resolutions such as 64x64, 128x128 etc. I have converted my images to suit these specification, but no joy.

There are no exceptions / warnings in the logs.

I have tried removing/adding alpha channels and changing the bit depth. No luck.

Can anyone tell me what might be the problem here? I’m really stumped. When I say “not displaying” I mean that when the texture is applied to a particle, it is invisible. When applied to a model, the model is black.

Try this one.

Yes that works. Any ideas?

could you try to add this line in your main activity constructor and try again?
TextureUtil.ENABLE_COMPRESSION = false;

I think compression fails sometimes.

EDIT : and if it works, could you upload one of the failing texture so we can try to fix this?

There seems to be a bug. You have to set the images width to equal the length. Example: 64x64, 128x128, 1024x1024. But not: 512x256 64x128. At least on android this bug is happening.