ImageSelect class not found by sdk


im trying to use ImageSelect in my game.

but this class is not recognized by engine. Im use sdk 4 updated.

i also tried to use ImageSelectControl, but this class dont have getSelectedIndex ()…

whats wrong?

Are you using this from code or through the xml configuration?

It would help to see the actual code where you are using it. Mainly because I am personally using this one through XML and it seems to be working like a charm, although I do have to mention I’m using the latest nightly build straight from Nifty and not the one packaged with JME3.

when a button is clicked, a method is called, and this method checks to see what the image is selected in ImageSelect.

public void button_click ()
ImageSelect imageSelect = nifty.getCurrentScreen().findNiftyControl("imageSelect", ImageSelect.class);
int i = imageSelect.getSelectedImageIndex();
System.out.println("index of image selected is "+i);

but this class (ImageSelect) is not recognized by engine.

hhmmzz… this is the same I’m doing, and for me it works like a charm.


ImageSelect avatarSelector = getScreen().findNiftyControl(“avatar”, ImageSelect.class);

String avatarFile = null;

if (avatarList.length > 0 && avatarSelector.getSelectedImageIndex() < avatarList.length) {

avatarFile = avatarList[avatarSelector.getSelectedImageIndex()];



I import ImageSelect from de.lessvoid.nifty.controls.ImageSelect;

de.lessvoid.nifty.controls.ImageSelect not exists in my jdk … class not found

my jdk is updated… so this strange hahhahaha