Import android package problem in JME3 SDK

Hi All

Am new here and have searched for a clue to this issue.

I want to use native android apis but cannot perform the import of any android package.

Problem - Import package android. does not exist in the JME3 SDK

Some code samples for the sensor functions reference the android apis and am unable to find a solution.

Thanks in advance


Read the manual section about android, especially the last paragraph.

Hi Normen, Thanks I have read this section but the android.jar references do not appear available in the IDE. Of course if I include this from the SDK a whole host of errors appear as it is a core jar.



Hi again Normen, Have done this.

It looks like I misinterpreted the manual!

Does the manual mean I should create a separate android specific project and reference this from the main project?

I have been using only 1 project (the JME3 main project) and trying to directly reference android packages in there.

The diagram looks like it’s suggesting a separate android specific project (eg. NBAndroid assisted ?)

Thanks again


No, there is an android project in the mobile folder… Please read and don’t try to interpret the pictures without the text.

Thanks Normen will do!

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