Import errors

He, i finally got my jme working, but i have a few errors in 2 packages

It has something to do with swt

The 2 packages are:


and com.jmex.swt.lwjgl

in both packages 2 files are affected

I hope you guys can help me fixing these errors (or should i just ignore them?)


sry for my english, me is german :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending which operating system you’re on, add the appropriate SWT jar in lib/swt… Be advised that OS X will give errors if SWT is on the classpath, so you’ll just have to live with the errors for now :wink:

ok, i´ll try to fix it, i´m using win vist 32bit

First of all, I want to thanks Blaine, and all people who works in that, for this tool and its tutorials, for me was a great surprise when I see that in the wiki.

how to create a binary file “.jme” with blender

@zouarino: I dont think that is possible with the blender exporter. Only XML. You can create your own little tool that loads the xml file and saves a binary file just by importing and then exporting the file.