Import from blender/Distorted Animation/doubleRotation?

Hi i have this model ,that seems great in blender but each time i try to import it ,its getting broken on animation lvl .

Animation name " Prepare Attack " , it uses scale , and scale never works correctly
while rotation and location are allway correct .

I would really like to know whats going wrong and where am i mistaken
I tried to use every possible importing . Ogr , blend … same problem

Did you try GLTF? Because officially, only the GLTF importer is supported.

i used 2.0 gtfl , did not helped :frowning:

Have you tried applying rotations and scale in blender before exporting?

Yes, it should be applied . May be problem lays in fact i have modifier, and parent to armature a same time, but other way it does not work at all - animation just not play’s)

The fact that none of the importer work tends to indicate that there is something strange about the model in Blender. Not sure what would cause it, though.

Just confirming, the animation exists but won’t play. Or the animation doesn’t exist when imported? Or there is an error?

Confirmed ,thats the thing . BUT this is only if i do not parent mesh to armature . And use only “modifier”
to make mesh follow bones .
If i use both ,parent and modifier ,all rotations are dobled(as should be, but i need not)
And if i do not modifier happens same thing as if not parent to …