Import .OBJ bug report w/ solution

This error occurs when attempting to import .obj files:

[java]Unknown statement in OBJ! o[/java]

The .obj files in question were exported using Blender 2.69 and/or Wings3D 1.5.2, and both .obj files produced contained the line

o filename_here

where the filename is the name of the mesh being exported. This syntax is currently the standard naming procedure for .obj files, as described under ‘Referencing materials’ at ..OBJ Wiki:

Named objects and polygon groups are specified via the following tags. o [object name] ... g [group name] ...

A temporary fix is simply to delete or comment out the offending line in the .obj file, as that seems to make it load without error (for a single object, anyway–more testing required). A quick fix for the importer would be to ignore/skip over the line starting with the ‘o’ statement.

I don’t seem to see an edit function for the post, so I’ll append this in a new reply:

The error occurs on jME 3 SDK 3.0 (stable).

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Edit x2: OS: Windows 8.0 64-bit; jME 3 SDK 3.0 64-bit (stable)

Yeah, the JME .obj loader seems to have several of these problems. I’ve also found the manually comment out stuff in .obj and .mat file solution to make my object load properly. This was with .obj files exported from 3DS MAX 14.

well it says this if the importer does not understand something.

However many stuff in obj is redundant, or similar, so a few of these might not indicate a problem.

Anyway why not loading the blend file directly?