Import repeated/scaled textures

Hi, I could find out that JME3 can’t import “repeated” textures from a model and it has to be done with scaleTextureCoordinates(). I would like to import (and allow others to) models (it’s really needed for big scenes) with it textures applied as in Blender but with that limitations I can’t do that, it’s needed to code by force. The ogre xml exporter gives that “repeat” with: scale 0.1 0.1.
If actually there is no way to do that, could this be added? (I tried to find where to do it on JME3 sources by I’m not good enough with visual stuff and neither with JME3 core to do that)

This can be implemented in a shader however I wouldn’t advise taking that route. Its additional complexity with very little benefit.

Instead, you should scale the UV coordinates in Blender by using the UV editor. Don’t set the scale in the texture properties as that cannot be imported by jME3.

thanks!, it worked.