Important changes!

The new design of the sound system is now complete, but it is a beta version.

I have suppressed the old implementation, so if you still want to use the old implementation I encourage you to save the folder…

The new sound system includes :

  • 3DSample loading for fmod and openAL
  • Music streaming for fmod AND openAL

    The openAL streaming is only available for wav and ogg files

    Please see the examples in jmetest package, and report me any bug and features you’d like to be added in the sound module.

Sounds great to have a more sophisticated sound system!

I only wonder about the license compatibility. jME is free for any use, isn’t it? fmod is not! What about the lwljgl-fmod binding (could not find anything here) - is it under the same license as lwljgl?

Does the OpenAL implementation have any other limitations besides ‘only wav and ogg’? (So one could substitute fmod by openAL in case of disliking the license :smiley: )

If your planning a commercial game, i would suspect you would like to make more money than $2000 which includes linux and windows license.

Oddlabs with their Tribal Trouble game sold 1,500 copies at $24.99 in the first week (even before the official press release).

It pays off to use FMOD!


I did not want to discuss whether fmod is worth money or something, neither did I want to discuss if proprietary licenses are ok or not…

I simply wanted to know if one can keep jME (and all apps using it) free software if they are using sound. So nobody gets tied to e.g. fmod licensing ideas…

One of the reasons why I did not included fmod.dll (.so) is that If you want to use JME with fmod you will have to download it and be aware of licensing issues with FMOD :wink:

hehe elias, sorry, blame the rumour spreadors!

@irrisor: Fair enough, i see where you are coming from…


You don’t have to worry about code that can use FMOD in your code, as long as you don’t actually use the FMOD library itself. If you don’t want to deal with FMOD or it’s fees, then use the OpenAL stuff and you’ll be fine.

Apparently FMOD has an Engine Resale licence… Anyone want to club together to buy one for jME? :slight_smile:

So, the only advantage of FMOD over OpenAL at the moment is the ability to stream music other than wav and ogg files? If I was writing a game, I’d happily turn all my music into ogg format if it’d save me $2000