Imported .blend file only retains 1 animation

ive made two simple animations in my blend file. (an open and close door animations). i made them by opening the Dope Sheet and then going to the action editor, and adding an action, putting two keyframes on it (frame 1 and frame 60) then added another action with named close with 2 keyframes. I used the “F” button on both actions in blender to preserve the action

when i import it into the sdk, only the action/animation that was last selected /is currently being viewed in the action editor shows up in the import (eg if i was last looking at the Open action, the Open animation gets imported, if i was last looking at the close action, the close animation gets imported) if i have both actions closed in the action editor then my object has no AnimControl whatsoever.

Does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix it? the animations work fine int he sdk, just i cant get both of them to import…

edit: btw im using the latest stable jme sdk, and blender 2.69

Do you force them to be written to the file? the littel f? See the wiki for details.


No offense at all, but it feels like the first response came from a tl;dr, quick response based on title.

In order to render all the animations, I usually have to push all of them into NLA tracks in the NLA Editor.

Seeing 2.69 I don’t know how bumpy or smooth your road will be, so Good Luck.

Actuall i read that, and when i was doing some animation stuff in blender, I forget to force write the stuff to the blend file, resulting in only the last animation being accessable.

@Empire Phoenix said: Do you force them to be written to the file? the littel f? See the wiki for details.

you mean the f next to the name of the action? yes- heres a screen shot of my blend screen:

@cardboardman said:

Seeing 2.69 I don’t know how bumpy or smooth your road will be, so Good Luck.

isnt 2.69 the latests version of blender? do you think i might have better luck with some other version?

there seems to be a bug with the importer…

i fixed the problem by creating a single bone for my garage door and animating that. If i use the f icon to save those actions they get saved even if I dont leave them open in the action editor.

its the basic shape animations that wont get saved… even though they animate properly they arent imported at all unless its the active action.

btw if anybody knows how to do this without having to use a bone animation, id be very interested in knowing. because idealy id like for the animation to move the door object itself rather than deforming the mesh.

(for reasons of physics, and bullet decals that could be left on the door, etc, etc). if the mesh is just deformed its very hard to add the needed interactivity to that. im still trying to come up with work arounds…

Wait didn’t jme3 only support bone and object animations?is the blender importer now able to process mesh deformations ?

no what i meant is that the bone animation is moving the mesh itself. (i guess i shouldnt have used the word deform ^.^) .

i need the animation to be moving the object itself so that the kinematic rigid body movies with it, and so that any thing like bullet decals will move with the door.this is just a basic shape animaiton, just rotations and translation

btw for anyone who finds this. a feasible workaroud is just to make the open animation, then play the animation in reverse. This is the hack I’m using to do that : . (AnimChannel on its own cant play an animation in reverse unless its in cycle mode). Good luck.

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