Imported blender model doesn't have animControl

I’m using UniHuman as a nice open source method of person modelling and it does have bones in the model, and my animations are set to be saved even if the action has no users. I’ve followed the hello animation tutorial and various blender tutorials on animating but when I import the model into jme3 there’s no animation control (checked by adding to sceneComposer and seeing if one was attached).

The link below shows what the outliner on blender shows for the model. Could it be that those bones aren’t done in a valid way for jme?

Thanks for any help :amused:

Try exporting yo blender models in ogre mesh format coz it provides you with a .skeleton file that stores all your animations .blend format animations dont work in jme3 unless they have an ik solver iv heard ,by the way ,what is yo model format?

I’m importing a .blend, and drat I was hoping to avoid ogre as I wasn’t able to get the exporter to work last time I tried ¬_¬

Try installing the ogre addon from jme3 .when it asks you to select a target folder go the blender in program files,then 2.67 and look for the scripts folder which should contain all the blender addons .select and install then go to blender ,user preferences ,import/export and checkbox the ogre addon then you can start exporting ogre models.
i posted a link to a pdf tutorial on exporting ogre models in the assets troubleshooter ,im sure it can help out a lot of people

<cite>@Rhymez said:</cite> animations dont work in jme3 unless they have an ik solver iv heard

That’s not true. I don’t use IK solvers in any of my models and they import directly from blender just fine. The blender importer, however, is very temperamental. Do you have a root bone defined that is positioned at the origin? I’ve had this exact thing happen to me before because I didn’t follow every single detail in the tutorial. I missed some small thing and spent days figuring it out.

My root bone is at the origin and I’ve been over the tutorial again I can’t see anything that could be stopping it from working =/

IK is the thing that doesn’t work. So long as you are using standard forward kinematics then model imports work well in my experience.

I know I created a model in makehuman, exported to blender with the game rig and mesh and then imported the blend file into jme after animating with no problems at all.

I’m not using IK.

Oh one thing I noticed I connected to the root bone to the pelvis and had the hips and spine growing out of it, whereas in the creating assets in blender the root bone isn’t connected to anything physically it’s just a parent. Could that have prevented JME from importing the animation channels?

Does yo importer say the model format is unsupported? If it does ,maybe it could be a problem with your mesh ,try using a simple boxman animated model and see if it works ,it happened to me a lot withh high resolution models even after doing everything right
in as far as the rootbone issue ,i have imported a number of ogre models with the root bone not at the origin and the only problem i saw was the animations playing incorrectly,i never did this on purpose of course

Wow, you are having the exact same problems that I’m having.

It usually happened with lightwave objects and3ds models i dowbloaded from the net ,but after i installed a jme3lwo support plug in , i hardly ever experienced it ,i could even import lwo directly ,unanimated that is

Hmmm I tred OGRE exporter and the models legs (the only animated part) were distorted whereas the rest of the model was fine, any reason why the legs would be so warped?

EDIT: I’ve just found that the bones for my lower leg aren’t exported whereas everything else is, this is probably why the legs are so messed up, only thing now is why…


All I’m looking for is getting y .blend files to load with the animation, a few people on this forum say it doesn’t work in jmonkey, the only person I’ve seen who says it works is Zarch. I’m not using IK I’ve followed the instructions on the tutorial page and I’m absolutely stumped, I might have missed something small that I’ll end up kicking myself for but I have no idea what. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Got it working with OGRE, it turns out the scale, location and rotations of model weren’t applied face palms

Well ,all i can say now is browse this category for a step by step tutorial of importing ogre animated models ,im sure you will find one eventually