Importer don't work but conversion does... wait what

So i have been trying to use the import option in the sdk for quite a while and i always had some wierd bug. Unsupported exception mosely but also some really annoying stuff.

But now I decided to just put the blender/oger file direcly in a folder, right click to use conversion and paf… it work fine now.

Could it be possible the 2 don’t actully do the same action? Is so, why so?

You refer to .blend files?
If so they should technically be the same more or less (Note: Import Function means that yellow thingy in the toolbar actually)

Yep, .blend. And now am doing even more test and i can confirm you, it work WAY better/Faster if i don’t use the import option. Now pretty much all the model i could not load work.

What means could not load?
Did you create bug reports so we can fix this?
Actually an UnsupportException seems wierd to me. Usually it just says “Could not load model” without any further information

Nan i never filled bug report cause i was sure the problem was on my side of the fence. Am using model from everywhere and i can underthant some are not game ready .

I got that message whit the ogre file, the blender one just crash

Unsupported pass directive: alpha_to_coverage
Unsupported pass directive: colour_write
Unsupported pass directive: depth_check
Unsupported pass directive: depth_func
Unsupported pass directive: depth_write
Unsupported pass directive: illumination_stage
Unsupported pass directive: light_clip_planes
Unsupported pass directive: light_scissor
Unsupported pass directive: normalise_normals
Unsupported pass directive: polygon_mode
Unsupported pass directive: scene_blend_op
Unsupported pass directive: shading
Unsupported pass directive: transparent_sorting

But if am not using the importer it work like a charm. I don’t load the texture but i can apply them then whiout any problem. I’ll keep on testing.

Well those pass directive things seem to be warnings to me however the BlenderImporter shouldn’t crash.
At least not depending on how you import files.

What SDK Version do you have and could you provide an example model?

SDK 3.1, and for the file do you know any site where i could share? I know they are many, but never really been using any x)

Go to the About Dialog of your SDK and look what it says.
We have anything from 3.1-alpha1 to -alpha3 in the meantime.

You could upload it to Issues · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub zipped if the license allows that, if not pm me with a link to for example.

Just give me a moment, I have a couple of thing to do befaure. Should be done tonight, I’ll repost here when it’s done.

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