Importing a project that mistakes a java 1.7 for a java 1.5

(I think this should be in SDK help, but I don’t know how to move it)

I’ve gotten a project, without an nbproject folder. I’ve copied and pasted an nbproject folder from another newly made project with no changes at all to it, into the 1st project (So that it would compile). The project now opens up, with a name change, but the real problem is, even though I have, in the libraries, java 1.7, I still get the errors, blablabla is not supported in java 1.5, please use java 7. Is there a way to fix this?



PS, is is a continuation of another thread by me, but I’m following stack-overflow policy, and asking this as a new question to avoid conversation, and to improve the searchablity of these problems. If this is not the policy of this forum, I’d be happy to move this into my old thread. Thanks.

Just set the source level to 1.7… Project Settings->Source->Source/Binary format

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@normen said:
Just set the source level to 1.7... Project Settings->Source->Source/Binary format

Normen, you are great, once again, thank you very much.