Importing blender files to JME

Hello JME community,

I am having a hard time importing my blender files to JME. I have downloaded the jmeXMLExport file to convert blender files to xml, but i can't figure out how to use the xmleporter in blender.  I have read and re-read the tutorial here on the site and I'm still coming up short (I'm pretty new to graphics engines, but I'v been programming in java for a year now). I have a mac, so would that be a reason why i cant find where to put exporter? any help is good help, thanks! 

People using blender are generally most in favor of using the OGRE importer. If you’re using jMonkeyPlatform, installation of the exporter is simple: jMonkeyEngine SDK: Importing and Viewing Models :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

thank you, I'm downloading ogrexml right now, if I cant figure it out I guess i'll be back posting haha thanks again.

Hi guys, first post. Sorry for the bump, I can’t seem to create a thread of my own. I’m just wondering if there’s anyway to export models into jme without using scripts in Blender. I just spent a very frustrating two hours trying to get it to work with to no avail. I have set the scripts class path to the correct folder multiple times, but Blender seems not to recognize that any scripts folder even exists. (Mac OS Version doesn’t start with a default scripts folder for Blender). No scripts come up in the scripts window.

The link above doesn’t work but I’ve looked at 2 separate tutorials, and neither explicitly covers my problem.

Is there a workaround that does not involve scripts that would save me another headache? Or a quick fix or link would be nice.


I don’t really know how blender works on mac os, I can’t really help you on that.

But the alternatives are :

  • You can export your file as a .obj (wavefront) file, but this format does not support bones animations like ogre.
  • There is a .blend importer (still a WIP though) available as a plugin in JMP to directly convert blend files to J3o. It does not supports animation neither, but i think some people are working on this.

Hi! i had a similar issue but with windows, so i think is a glitch in the IDE .

I solved that by going here: and installing an exporter by hand.

I’m using Blender 2.49b

Thank you guys, I figured it out using what sabathorn posted. I can import models and view them in jme now. Now to figure out how to add them to my game! Slow progress lol.

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sbook said:
People using blender are generally most in favor of using the OGRE importer.  If you're using jMonkeyPlatform, installation of the exporter is simple:

This link goes to:
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Just a FYI.


If you copy a .blend file into the JME Assets tree and right click on it you can convert it to a .j30 file.

Is there any problem with this ?

I’m using JME 3.0

No, thats the intended way. It works best if you also use textures from the assets folder directly in blender, then they get mapped 1:1 in jme and blender and you even get automatic updates for mesh changes (only mesh changes for now in 3.0) when you save the blender file.

When you say “It works best if you also use textures from the assets folder directly in blender” do you mean that the Blender model texture files are stored in the Project Assets/Textures folder within my JME3 project?

Yes. Also store your .blend files there. This way you use the same textures in the j3o and in blender while the original .blend file will not be included in the distribution. With this method you’ll easily be able to re-convert your files, keep everything in place and even get automatic updating of your j3o files when the .blend changes without changing things you did in the SDK (only mesh changes for 3.0, animation updates should also work in the upcoming 3.1).