Importing blender models

I just want to know, there are more than one way to get blender models loaded into jme but what is the best way of doing it and where can I find documentation of how I should do it. Up until resantly I have used xml exporter but it now tell me when I

JmeBinaryReader jbr = new JmeBinaryReader();

It tells me type JmeBinaryReader is deprecated. This is the "how-to" I used

Some users have had succes exporting to COLLADA from Blender and using jME's COLLADA importer.

The binary reader is deprecated because it's no longer maintained, since it uses a longer supported method of loading models. However, you can still use it…

I tried cal3d but i couldn't even get to export it never mind importing it again. I also tried exporting to COLLADA it at lest exported but I'm having trouble importing it (don't have a nice sample tried using "TestColladaLoading" but its a little confusing. I did get the xml exporter and importer working but either it doesn't render properly, or it doesn't export properly. (parts of the model doesn't show/or is not on the right place)

try the md5loader there are importer/exporter scripts on the rest of the thread should provide ebough details to get past common issues please please read it…if u go with md5.

I may ask about permission to keep the scripts in cvs aswell but don’t hold your breathe

Are you using the collada exporter which is in blender or have you updated the exporter which I highly recommend.

You should use the exporter from illusoft which works well for models scenes and textures.

I've tried the most up to date collada exported from illusoft, and I can get models from blender into jme, but with some missing polygons. For now I'm just using XML and ignoring the deprecated warning, but eventually I'll have another look at Collada I guess. One thing that occurred to me is that while the binary reader is deprecated, no one seems to have said what's happened to the jme XML format used by Hevee's exporter - is this also deprecated? If not, is there a way to load XML from Hevee's exporter into jme, then export out to the new fancy binary format? Collada may be a great idea, but it still seems to have problems at the moment. If anyone wants models to use to test the collada stuff, I can provide blend files, DAE files, XML files and JME files to show the errors.

I've been through a few engines, and one of the main things that always put me off was messing about with models. Hevee's XML script worked really well, so it would be terrible to see it deprecated without a good replacement. I'm sure all you rich people with Maya and Max can get something working, but it would be pretty ironic if there was no way to get data smoothly and correctly from the best open source modeller to the best open source engine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: