Importing/Loading Quake 3 Maps

I’m interested to see if I can get jME3 to load a Quake 3 map. I found this post from 2008 but the links are all dead.

Any somewhat recent activity that anybody knows about that they could point me to? Google Gods haven’t helped me much.

In a worst case scenario, I suppose a Quake 3 AssetLoader could be written, but I’m not sure what file format I’d have to read in order to load maps/levels/worlds. Any ideas there?

I believe that Blender has a Quake 3 importer. Probably your easiest bet is to use Blender to load the maps and then load the Blender files with jME or (best bet) convert them to j3o files with the SDK. If you really need to import the Quake 3 files directly into jME, then you’re probably stuck with writing your own loader or reviving an older one. In that case, I don’t envy you… Quake 3 files are non-trivial.

Awesome, thanks @danielp totally agree about using Blender as the middleman, thanks a million!

Yup, no problem! :slight_smile: