Importing OBJ exported from Sketchup 8


First of all, sorry for my English

I understand that official support for export is based on blender. I am importing a 3D object without textures, but with material from sketchup, which then imported the OBJ on the platform and turn it into J3O. The problem occurs when I assign a material created from the platform and assigned it to the model as is illustrated in your documentation. The texture is displayed incorrectly, the show in the following screenshot:

The texture I use, is the next image…

I also tried importing from Maya and export it to Ogre mesh format, then update it with ogretools. in ogretools no errors occurred. But the import into jme faces are shown inverted.

the result should look like this image taken from Sketchup

Do not know if there will be documentation about it but I have not found almost nothing of this subject.

Sketchup Model

OBJ Model


Cant upload at this time… :stuck_out_tongue: my megaupload account cant upload 313Byte, but 1.3MBytes yes xD


Edit: Problem autosolved, i forget the most important thing, repeat texture on j3m material. Sorry. I’ll try to export that model to maya for export to ogre xml format.