Importing Obj models with textures

I have downloaded some models (Obj format, because I don’t have 3d studio max, and OgreXML models are virtually non-existent) and I’m trying to import them in a test project. Now, these models have textures and I find myself having to often manually modify the .mtl file to correct the paths, and all, but I have this question :

Whatever I do, I cannot seem to be able to load an Obj model with textures and always have to apply the “ShowNormals” material to be able to see the models rendered; I have tried to convert the Obj models to j3o format, but whatever I do, still no texture. Wherever I put the texture files, however I change the .mtl file, I always get warnings about “Cannot locate” texture for material. How can I convert my Obj file with textures so I can load and render them in my project?

“Make sure the textures and material are in the same folder of the model.”