Importing shaders from ShaderToy

Ummm… guys… that is the right link right there in the original post: … HOWEVER the repository is simply not there anymore. It is simply gone. I have no idea what’s going on and why this happened, from what I’ve found, it’s not only me who faced this issue:

I don’t know how many of my repos are gone now, I have not been visiting Bitbucket UI for a long while already and from the tens of repos that I have I only actively use a couple or so… So just be careful if you host your stuff on Bitbucket… it seems that anything related to Atlassian is simply naturally fucked up.

I think that the only possible fix here now is for somebody who has a copy of the repo to post a link to that copy, or otherwise I’m afraid it’s lost forever since I don’t have a local copy.

PS: actually, there was not much value in that repo, it was just a script for some text replace and JME material templating. You can write that yourself by simply looking at what values in ShaderToy correspond to what values in JME and just what small changes are required to port from WebGL to OpenGL and voila, you have it. It’s simpler than it sounds even.