In-game blueprints editor teaser

Just barely functional at this point but it’s getting there:

it looks… kinda good and it seems u spent some time working with it. Tho as a gamer i gotta add that, it will annoy some players, todays games UI’ds are getting smaller and smaller and simpler to use… using too much bulky stuffs as that room or some swords or some big face/model right up onto ur screen will be disturbing for some users…

Take for example this epic game:

From this:

To this:

hmm but you have to do your blueprints in there, so it has to have a ceratain size so you see what you do.

I do realy like the way you made that Paul!

Just image a fully equipped Swordsman blueprinting some flowerstuff for his love hehe. Would be awesome if the character would have some idle animations, would that be possible?

Even awesomer would be animations for:

  • not enough source materials sad
  • blueprint sucessfully generated happy
  • item sucessfully made char looking at it in his/her hands

    I think you get the idea.

    Is the UI-temple moveable, so you see your work from all sides?

    Again great work, I cant wait to see whats coming next :smiley:

i misinterpreted the idea… ignore my first post >.> lameness ><

Nope I wount ignore it, cause you are coompletely right regarding the ingame UI when you are not blueprinting stuff.

I love that mythruna has no huge bar on the bottom screen to show e.g. 10 items. so you see much more from the world. The UI definaltely better solved than in Minecraft, in my opinion. So Paul please leave it in a very similar way when you add some lifepoints etc. later on.


Yeah, I too like a minimalist UI. I hope to make any status indicators be optional… so if you don’t care about your hitpoints then you can turn it off. I’d also like to have two modes for each indicator, the regular size and the super-mini size.

Some explanation for that screen above:

When that “tab” is open you have full clickability of the mouse so you can click anywhere on the grid to place a block. Mouse wheel still works like it does in the main game except there will also be a block palette on the right side (not added yet, I’m working on it now).

The WASD keys rotate the ‘room’ so you can get at different sides and the top.

Creating things in this room is already 100x faster than trying to do it in the object creation temple. No one will miss that. :slight_smile:

The player’s avatar is there to help with scale and to show what “default” orientation is (since your avatar turns with the room). It’s hard to design a chair, for example, if you have nothing to compare it to for size. Also, when objects have behaviors, it might be nice to test “sit” or “lay on” by having your character walk over and do those things.

…it would be funny to have idle animations, though. :slight_smile:

haha notch will grow even bolder when mythruna will be done xD

Yeah I like the scaling possibility. So you can ensure that your char will have enough space in the bed etc. Well done :slight_smile:

I personally think that Minecraft and Mythruna will not be competitors. Mythruna is currently in a proof of conecpt and proof of engine state, so about 10% of the game are implemented.

When Mythruna will be 50% done, it will be a whole different game. Well you can place blocks but thats it. Then all the ‘Minecraft-Clone-Whiners’ will have to see that it is a different game with a different concept and different gameplay. It is a huge compliment for Mythruna being called ‘Minecraft-Clone’ as it is in this realy early stage. Thats my point of view.

And pics like the one above tell me that I’m right and there is a big think coming towards us :slight_smile: