Including Assets in Android build

Using JME3 beta, how do I include the contents of the assets folder in my game.apk file?

Have tried Tools → Libraries → New Library → Add Jar / Folder, and then selecting my assets folder, but it Still does not get included.

Appologies if this has been answered somewhere, but I have tried searching and can find nothing.

It happens automatically, just build your normal application with the android deployment enabled.

Thanks for the reply normen, but I have Android deployment enabled and it does not automatically include the assets in my case.

What can I do to troubleshoot this issue? I am using the windows version of JME if that matters.

Create a new BasicGame project and compare whats different in your application.

There should be an assets.jar created in dist/lib when you compile. That one should also go to mobile/libs/ in the android build part from where it should go to the apk as well. If theres no dist/lib directory you have included some folder in the libraries instead of only jar files. Finally make sure you see the “Project Assets” node of the project and that the assets folder is set under Libraries/Run in the project preferences.