Incompatible JDK

When i try to install jme it tells me that i am using an unsupported JDK while i am using a normal JDK (jdk6u25 on x86 32bit Windows), what version is supported and can someone upload it as oracle only supplies jdks 1.5 and the current 1.6 not older 1.6 releases

What does this error message look like? Have you tried pointing to the JDK manually? Maybe it finds an old version, Java 1.6 is needed. Also it should be an Oracle JDK not OpenJDK.

i pointed to the jdk manually, its a very undescriptive message that says nothing but

“Unsupported Java VM version

The Java VM at C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_25 has the unsupported version”

Is it possible JDK is x86 and jMP x64? Or vice-versa? Not sure if that would generate that error or not. Just guessing.

No, cause im running a x86 OS so if either was x64 it would not even start, the OS would warn