Input from Android's Virtual Analogic Stick

Hello there.

I wish to know if there is any analogic stick for android built in jmonkey, its something kinda simple i google it and didnt found it.

Thanks for the attention !

You mean like a virtual one? You can do that with the default touch-to-mouse support.

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Its kinda difficult for me to make a analogic stick, i suck at math

Ive made a simple 4 directions control , i failed @ building cuz it would need a circle of ‘range’ and for example, he cant leave the circle border. :confused:


One simple theorem, so many applications.

Ok i struggled and ive made the analog stick working with the mouse. Now i have a problem, i couldnt find the ‘tap released’ event , i would need it to complete the analog, does anyone knows how to know when a user takes his finger off the screen ? So i could reset the analog. I would need to make a multitouch support too, this will be tuff.

Thanks alot for your attention !

Are you using the JME inputs system or directly talking to android?

im using touch listener to drag the image

it works but not as beautifull as it could