inputManager clearMappings issue

Hey, so I just updated the SDK yesterday and now my inputs are acting funny. I have a inputManager.clearMappings(); in simpleInitApp() before remapping the controls. The mappings dont seem to clear anymore since the update( still standard wasd moving and arrows rotate cam etc.) What has changed? I have been digging all over the site trying to find something but I haven’t. Where can I find this kind of info?

Thanks in advance!

The fly cam was moved to an app state so that you don’t have to take a chainsaw to everything to remove it. The upside is that now you can easily remove it and never have any of it.

The downside is that it doesn’t initialize itself until after simpleInit()… so if you leave it in then it will add its key bindings after simpleInit().

Making you clear all mappings in simpleInit() was kind of a kludge in my opinion.

what app state was it moved to? how should I turn it off?

If you want to get rid of all of the default behaviors (like the stats view, fly cam, etc.) then you can read about that here:

I probably should have updated the javadoc.

If all you want to do is remove the fly cam then in simpleInit() you can do something like:

stateManager.detach( stateManager.getState( FlyCamAppState.class ) );

Thanks so much for the info, this was killing me today!