Installation and Tutorials

Hi jME forums!

I'm relatively new to here, but already excited by jME and its support with all the user guides and the helpful forums. I decided to register here because I'm sure I'll encounter problems where I can't help asking as well as I might help others later when I am used to this new environment.

As the topic suggests, I want to comment on the guides that I have read and gone through so far. I hope this is ok and doesn't convey as being a smartass, I just want to help others that might encounter the same problems and this site to get even better.

Ok, so…

Getting started

I would have greatly appreciated a direct link to the Eclipse (and maybe Beans) setup here. I found it later and considered it quite good, but had already went through the whole thing.

I maybe kinda dumb, but this one

You can technically bypass the need for the CVS tool, Ant, and the jME source by downloading and using the latest jME release

We always appreciate comments on the docs (they very quickly become out of date), but that is why they are in the wiki. All your points are valid, and you should feel free to update the wiki yourself (it's for the community, ran by the community).

Sounds like that hair-club for men commercial. :-p


one question: should the wiki correspond to the cvs version or to the latest release?

All your points are valid, and you should feel free to update the wiki yourself
This sounds like a cool idea  :D

Can you tell me how?

Go to the page you wish to edit, click "login", register for an account if you do not have one, finish the login, there will now be "edit" buttons on each section on each page.