Installer woes

Hi guys.

I’m trying to be a jmonkey user, but having some installer issues. Perhaps I’m missing something.

What i’ve done:
1: downloaded the jmonkeyengine installer from
2: double clicked jmonkeyplatform-windows-x64.exe.
3: nothing happens.

by nothing I mean no error message, nothing opens up, nothing. I’ve opened up resmon and see there is a process running but it does nothing.

Im running Windows 7 64bit, Java 7, i5 processor with all the bells and whistles on my laptop.

Any help will be appreciated

Re downloaded the installer now I get the message :

“Installer file jmonkeyplatform-windows-x64.exe seems to be corrupted.”

downloading again T.T

This appears to be an issue with your PC and not the jmonkey installer. The only thing I can suggest is to ensure your operating system is fully up-to-date. Probably a common knowledge response, I know, but it’s hard to help without any descript error.

If you’re feeling particularly intermediate, you can try going into “Event Viewer” (type it in the start bar) and viewing the application logs - maybe something will be in there offering a better description.

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Thanks for the response. Went through the event viewer, and there is no logs. I made note of the time of an attempted install and checked the logs. No activity for 5 min before or after my attempt.

I then ran it through a sandbox and logged what happens. I won’t post the log its pretty verbose,

It extracts 1325 items with the last one being:
There is no change to the registry.
It seems to try activate bundle.jar but nothing appears to happen.
it then deletes them all.

Weird but I’m assuming there is an issue with bundle.jar. I have java version 1.7.0_40 (ver 7).

Is there anything that is additionally required, i.e. an older ver or something I’m overlooking?

I’m currently using the eclipse ide so know java is working as it should.

Many thanks

Two things that come to mind are trying to run it as administrator (right click and select run as administrator) and ensuring your JAVA_HOME directory is set correctly. Again, I’m shooting in the dark. I would link you to a doc on how to do the second step but my son has hijacked my PC and it’s a pain to do on an ipad…

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I managed to sort it out. I downloaded the installer several times and no joy. After rooting around the jmonkey website i found a zipped non installer version.
I downloaded “”,
ran C:…\jmonkeyplatform\jmonkeyplatform\bin\jmonkeyplatform64.exe and things work 100%. Thanks for the help , but I suspect there is something wrong with the installer itself. Or it just doesn’t like my system.

Anyway wish me luck, I’m gonna play with my new toys

I’m having the same problem I downloaded the versions for 32bits and 64bits architectures for linux and windows several times and tried to install in diferent computers under ubuntu, windows XP, and windows 7 with java 7 installed (jdk version 1.7) and administrator privileges. And I get the “installer seems to be corrupted” error.