Installing derby database

Hi, I’m new to JMonkeyEngine and I’m currently trying to use derby database in my project (not for communicating through the internet, just for the local game). However I don’t know how to install it. (There are no databases in Services bookmark.) Is there any manual how to install it (which file to download, which options to choose)?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Maybe this will help


Installing :
Step 1: Install Software [in left side you can find plugin for eclipse ]

Derby with NetBeans [JME SDK is based on Netbeans] :
1- Working with the Java DB (Derby) Database - NetBeans IDE Tutorial
3- Connection String example : Java Examples - Connect to a Database - Tutorialspoint

4- search in YouTube

But what data of game do you want to put in database? (I am curious to know)

I never used Derby per se, but isn’t JavaDB (Oracle’s Derby supported distribution) already included in the JDK?