Interesting plugin

I’ve seen the FS-GameCreator community plugin

It uses an Entity system with (GUI-edited) JSON formatted script. I believe that MonkeyBrains could leverage this work, so that complex behaviors for Agents can be assembled together with simple scripts (currently it requires a lot of boilerplate code).

I couldn’t find script or how it works behind scene. Can you also post, what kind of troubles you had, or what is the format of making agents you would like? I can’t guarantee that I will make it, but I would appreciate the feedback on using MonkeyBrains.

@Tihomir, I’m the creator of the FS-GameCreator plugin(s). There’s currently three of them, one with the general libraires, one with the EntityTemplate editor and one with the AI Script editor. I’ve already been looking somewhat at MonkeyBrains and trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into my AI system. I would love to work together with you on that on to see if we can make that work.
The AI system I use in FS-GameCreator is a block-based AI system. here, the AI behaviour is written in logical block. These blocks are then linked together in the editor to form the script.
Currently, I have just a few basic blocks in there:

  • RangeTrigger, this one triggers the rest of the script when the player comes withing the defined range
  • Spawning, this one spawns an NPC
  • Approach, this one moves the NPC closer to the player till it is withing a certain distance. Effectively this mean the NPC will start following the player
  • SubScript, this one allows for embedding multiple scripts within another script. This can also be used to run two or more subscripts in parallel
  • Shooting, this is a basic shooting block which will let the NPC shoot at a regular interval

Currently the editor is very basic and can just display the list of blocks in the script so you can edit the properties. The next steps will let you add new blocks and remove blocks. Eventually there will be a canvas editor which should aloow for drag and drop style editing.