Inventory browser (in 3D), and texture selector


I need to implement an inventory browser, showing textured lighted rotating geometries on a squared pattern, like we see in… all games… :).

Also I need to display several textures at same time, on square or sphere, in the same pattern, like an inventory.

I need to know if I can use Nifty-gui for that? (again, it needs to show the 3D geometries, in a way I can drag and drop them, activate them like a button would, etc etc…)

I think they need to be drawn above, and be connected to nifty controls/detectors (mouse over/click) in some way…


There are several ways of doing it, render the objects in an offscreen buffer and use it as a texture in nifty of just on a quad in the gui viewport

Or you can create another viewport and layout your nifty ui over it.

Look at for the first method

Look at jme3test.render.TestMultiViews for the second

Best way I think is to create another viewport after the nifty viewport and then use a camera that never changes there. Then just move the 3d items corresponding to the item’s position on nfity’s side.