Invoking Terrain Editor on any file?

Hi, I’ve been following tutorials, and they don’t seem to cover the new TerrainGrid functionality?

Is there a way to invoke the terraineditor on any PNG or JPG I want? Does it HAVE to be assigned to a Scene? And when I create a Grid under a Scene, it doesn’t stay on the Scene when I close out, even with saving?

Having troubles getting past those items to use the SDK’s editor.

TerrainGrid is not recommended, it will probably be removed at some point. Yur other problems are mainly due to wrong preconceptions, read the SDK manual on how the terrain editing works.

Ok, even when I’m trying to do a normal Scene, the in-house Terrain editor isn’t coming up under a Scene?

I know this is a divergence of the subject, but Terrain Grid gives the functionality of a continuous, or loadable on the fly world, which is ideal for online games, massive worlds, etc. Would be sad to see it go.

Here, no ready-ready, just looky-looky:

TerrainGrid is too limited and difficult to use. Having a large or infinite, paged, world does not just involve terrain but the other spatials as well. This requires a system that can handle both contiguous objects (terrain) and sparse objects (trees, plants, buildings). TerrainGrid doesn’t support this well.
This is a good candidate.