Is anyone else seeing broken link to wiki?

I have been getting broken links to wiki pages last 2 days. Now the wiki is 404 from the forum link also.

Is this just me?

No, same here!

Nope, I’m getting the 404 too (I don’t know about the broken links though). More reportings here so it must be a generalized thing.

Ok, thanks, I reported the issue yesterday to GitHub as some pages with linking problems. I will send them another email and say the whole wiki is now offline.

In case someone needs to access the wiki, I have a clone of it which I’m translating to portuguese: Documentação do jMonkeyEngine

Only the homepage and some rarely used, I believe, pages have been translated.

When you feel its ready, let me know and I will link it to wiki.

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Thanks, fixed

I just pushed a commit and it is down again. Related?

Hmm, all the links are broken…

Seems like GitHub keeps forgetting the domain. I set it, click Save. I load the page a few minutes later and its gone :open_mouth:

Its back. Want me to try another commit to see if kills it?

Yeah it seems every new commit breaks it…
We already had a repo called so I renamed it to wiki_old and renamed the new one to Maybe that will help to fix this “bug”

Might need the actual owner of wiki repo to report the issue.

Yesterday what started happening was the was replacing and since this just started yesterday it may be GitHub did something on their end.

Squeaky wheel gets the oil. Maybe everyone should report it…

That change will break wiki links. Did you look under the settings link/ GitHub panel to see if the link is correct?

This will also break the clones we have.

Edit: Didn’t break my local clone but the commit still frags the wiki.

Could Travis be causing this?

Seems it’s still broken.

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yes. I think its GitHub problem. Day three and no response to my emails.

Got an answer from GitHub.

Thanks for contacting GitHub Support, and apologies for the delayed reply.

To confirm, are you referring to this repository?

If so, it looks like the cause of the trouble you described was that the repository’s custom domain settings were repeatedly being cleared by a CI tool. If you take a look at the commit history for the gh-pages branch, you’ll see numerous instances of shadowislord creating a CNAME file (which enables a custom domain):

And then, shortly after, Travis CI deleting the CNAME file (which disables it):

To resolve this issue, you may want to look into your Travis CI configuration. I can, however, assure you that nothing is wrong with the GitHub Pages service itself.

I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.

Travis is now saying it cannot find the repo so I think it may be because of the change @Momoko_Fan.

When I looked at the Travis setup yesterday it looked unchanged and the yaml file has not changed for 6 months.

I am wondering if the Travis-CI people have changed something itself in an update.