Is glsl step function continuous?

Do you repeat the texture in shader? if so you will have thos artifacts if you dont use additional vertexes at that points.

I was never able to solve this, (using a ArrayTexture with wrapmode.Repeat instead worked however)

Do really mip-mapping and filtering matter? I had changed from step(0.6, realCoords) to step(0.3,realCoords) and artefacts moved accordingly.

Do you repeat the texture in shader?

Not in this time, but it is the destination of my study.

I’d tried this code on other machine, gentoo GNU/Linux with ati card. Artefacts remained.

Mip-mapping/filtering will reduce the number of pixels in the image… by sampling the surrounding pixels. What do you suppose happens at the edge in that case?

Can I disable this side effects together with mipmapping?

Yes, of course. Look at asset manager javadocs for texture loading. Look at the texture javadocs, etc… You want to turn of mip-mapping and turn off min and mag filtering.

thanks, I’ll search and read appropriate documentation and then post results